M-LAB——Introduction and Branding

Introduction to M-LAB

M-Lab is a team of 5 students at The Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University working to develop an engaging and effective experience to help train new technicians to use Biopharma equipment made by our client, Merck KGaA (EMD).

We are creating a portable learning experience on a platform that could be accessed in various scenarios worldwide. Accordingly, we aim to ensure that users who speak different languages would all have the same experiences with delightful gameplay and meaningful feedback.

My Role in M-LAB

In this project, I play the role as UIUX designer and 3D artist. In our application, we have 2 games, one is AR game—— SORT IT and the other game is VR game—— FIND IT. I developed the 3D art for the VR game to make it more realistic, and I helped to design the UX flow and user interface of the whole application to make the experience more fluent and elegant.


Because the Biopharma equipment is mainly used in pharmacy, so the logo was designed like a capsule with the blue and purple color which make it looks brief and clean.




The poster is in the same style as the Logo. The hexagon element in the poster imply the biology background of the project. And the water in the title and polygons mains the application is used to valuate how well the player could use the machine.


Team Photo

Here is the team photo.



  1. Project Website: http://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/m-lab/
  2.  UI Design for M-LAB: https://yuanzhouha.com/ui-design-for-m-lab/

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