3D Assets for PlastAR

Plastar, an interdisciplinary team of graduate students, is working to make that information accessible through compelling augmented reality experiences. Using Google Tango, Plastar will create visitor engagements for five different plaster models being displayed in the exhibit. Users will be able to view and explore the original structures, scholarly details, and the exciting stories around them.

Here are the 3 casts I rendered for the project PlastAR this semester. Beacause the model is too high poly so that it’s really hard to run it in Unity, so we decided to use the rendered picture of the coloum instead of the 3D model itself. I use the plaster material and set a camera to run around the model to render it in every 10°.output_dEx4gd





WeChat Image_20170508140130.png




WeChat Image_20170508140030


I also modeled the buildings where the casts originaly from, so that the users can know the location and history of the casts better.

WeChat Image_20170508144019

WeChat Image_20170508152055


WeChat Image_20170508140205

WeChat Image_20170508140136


WeChat Image_20170508140153

WeChat Image_20170508140142

In this project, I started to use a program new for me, Substance Painter. After I unwrapped the models in maya, I imported them in Substance, so I could make and paint the texture and see the effects on the model at the same time.

WeChat Image_20170508152116