Character Rigging for Ray

Artboard 21

Ray is a character I downloaded from internet, and I did the rigging work for it. At first I built the skeleton for it, then, I bind the character model to the skeleton.

For the whole character rig, I did these jobs:

-FK/IK switching arms and legs with control visibility
-Custom foot roll and finger attributes
-IK spline based spine
-Arm and leg twist joints
-Space switching/dynamic parenting
-Clavicle controls
-Global move controls with scale feature
-Organized outliner hierarchy
-Colored controls with unused attributes locked and hidden
-FK or IK neck rig
-Full facial rig with joints and mouth corrective
-Face expressions with control system
-Eyelid system and eye gaze controls
-Eyebrow system (Joint based, blendshape, curve based, or latice deformer style)
-Strong deformations/skinning throughout
-Delta mush deformers or corrective shapes
-Optional cartoon deformations
-IK knee and elbow template curves
-Option character settings (geo display type, smooth levels, control visibility)


This video shows the skeleton I built and the binding skin part of the rig.

This video shows how the final rig works.