ROOM OF LIFE is an AR animation project my team made based on the Google Tango platform, which is also our final pitch project for Experimental Animation. This animation is so special since we used Unity to make it work on Google Tangle, and use Tangle to record all the clips to combine the virtual stuffs like buildings, dinosaur, people, trees, planets and mountains with the real gallery space in School of Art. For the editing of the animation, we used After Effect to combine and cut the clips, and add sound effect to it.

For the time line of ROOM OF LIFE , there are  three stages: 1 world in the past, 2 world now, 3 world beyond reality.

Here is the final version of ROOM OF LIFE .

The following video is the making of ROOM OF LIFE .

What I did for this project:

I made the 3D models of the dinosaur, buildings, spaceship and planets in Maya and unwrapped them. I did all the texture painting in Substance Painter. I also created the skeleton of the dinosaur, rigged and animated it in Maya. For all the 3D models, I refine them in Unity at last.

I also used After Effect to make the neon style beginning of the animation.

To know more detail of the making of the dinosaur, you can visit the following link:

To know more detail of the making of the 3D environment, you can visit the following link: