Artboard 27

Here is the UIUX redesign project I made for a game named Battle Camp. The following picture is the UI design it originally look like. The second picture is what  I redesigned for it.


For the UI design, I made following changes:

1, I redesigned all the icons to flat in order to make it different from the style of the game view, which could make it looks nice and clean.

2, for the side menu and menu, I changed the white background to transparent dark background which cover the game screen less.

3, I redesigned the social icon which was as same as the friend icon under social menu before.

4, I made a new coin icon with the monster symbol which is more related to the game.

5, I changed the PR icon to level progress bar, because the player can’t know how strong their power is only by the power point. The power point is already in the level menu

Battle Camp - Wireframe

For the UX Design, I also did some changes to the wire frame of it.

Utility Bar

1, I changed the order of the buttons of stones, energy, coins and added another button of Arena Energy to match the Cash Shop menu.

Side Menu

1, I moved the camera button to the right to align the side menu.

2, I deleted the event button and added the ranking button to show the troop ranking and individual ranking in a new screen, which makes the structure more clear.